We are indebted to our sponsors. Add your support to the PartnerShip as a sponsor and be the exclusive provider of a specific component – your branded equipment, system or service, allows the ‘virtual ship’ to operate.

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Media Partners

Our media partners play such an important role in bringing the PartnerShip to the attention of those in the industry and the public and their support is a vital piece of our unique jigsaw.

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Supporting Organisations

The support of our maritime organisations significantly helps the PartnerShip achieve its goals. With these organisations spreading the word to their members and followers and uniting us as a global industry our targets can be reached.

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Project Partners

The PartnerShip is a project founded by Podium 4 Ltd and developed in partnership with Wärtsilä, Wake Media Ltd and Oakwood Media Group Ltd. Podium 4 is proud to work with our forward-thinking partners to make an idea a reality.