Our ambition

Despite nearly 90% of the world's goods being transported by sea, shipping does not get the recognition it deserves. Greater collaboration is needed to educate society on shipping, what a ship is and how it operates, to counter negative perceptions and inspire the next generation to enter the maritime industry.

The PartnerShip aims to address this in a unique way – a web-based virtual ship offering something different, something with visibility and connectivity, which allows us to work with our partners to build, educate and fundraise in an unparalleled combination.

Our amibition

How it works

Designed by Wärtsilä, the PartnerShip is a novel generic vessel which provides the perfect platform from which to showcase the vast array of technology, knowledge and expertise required to build and operate today’s merchant fleet. The Partnership will raise funds for our chosen good causes by offering companies the opportunity to become a partner as the exclusive provider of equipment or service to the ‘virtual ship’ and, in doing so, realises their corporate social responsibilities. It also provides a catalyst for high-profile fundraising and networking events during the two-year project cycle.

How it works