The Partnership

Engage in this innovative concept to benefit you and the industry in many ways

A unique ‘virtual ship’ created from the six major merchant vessel types to showcase maritime technology and expertise and unite our industry to build awareness, educate, and fundraise for good causes

Offshore support (OSV)

Offshore support vessels or OSV's is the generic term for vessels with the specific purpose of supporting offshore energy exploration, production and generation activity.


A passenger ship has the primary function of transporting passengers and includes cruise ships carrying passengers and ferries carrying passengers or passengers and cargo (e.g. vehicles)


A container ship is specifically designed and equipped to carry cargo in containers of universally recognised sizes and configurations

Bulk carrier

A bulk carrier is specially designed to transport dry cargo such as grains, coal, ore, and cement in bulk with no containment other than the ship’s structure

Gas carrier

A gas carrier is a type of tanker specifically designed to transport gas products used for energy or chemical gases in a liquefied state and in bulk


A tanker carries liquid or wet cargo in bulk with no containment other than the ship’s structure and includes crude oil, oil products, chemicals, fruit juices etc

Building, educating and fundraising as an industry

How can you play your part in this global shipping industry initiative?


Through building the PartnerShip and with a common goal we will build relationships inside and outside the industry. This is our opportunity to work together to raise the profile of the marine industry, the ship and its related components and services in an engaging and highly visible way.


During the two-year project cycle the PartnerShip will develop to provide a practical online tool for educating the next generation on what a ship is, what equipment and components are required, and what services are available to enable the ship to operate effectively.


Through the exclusive sponsorship of each component and service, participation in project events from launch to delivery, special fundraising events and through individual donations, the PartnerShip is seeking to raise up to £1million to support good causes.